Monday, March 21, 2011

How far along: 29 weeks (last Tuesday; I forgot to post this one last week).

Total Weight Gain: I'll try to add this one later. 

How big is baby: 15.2-16.7 inches; 2.5-3.8 lbs; about the size of an squash.

Maternity Clothes: I've been wearing my maternity pants more and more lately. My regular pants are starting to get a wee bit too tight to be comfortable in all day at work, so I'm wearing them less and less these days.

Stretch Marks: I never did find the one that I thought was starting last week (thank goodness) so I'm back to having none for the time being.  

Sleep: I elbowed the hubs in the face during my sleep last night which means I was getting some decent sleep :).  

Best moment this week: Best moment this week was passing my 3-hr glucose tolerance test with no problems! 

Movement: Jackson has started rubbing body parts across my entire belly now instead of just poking certain body parts out & pulling them back in. It's certainly a different feeling than what he was doing before but it all still makes me laugh when he's moving around so much.

Food Cravings: At my shower this weekend we had fruit (it was delicious) and eating it made me crave that again (remember my craving it way back at the beginning of my pregnancy?).

Labor Signs: None that I know of.

Belly button in or out: It continues to be less deep than it was although it's still an innie.

What I miss: Sleeping through the night. This peeing thing is just out of control!

What am I looking forward to: I'm looking forward to getting the furniture and some other things moved into Jackson's nursery (hopefully) this week. I can't wait for his room to start coming together.

Milestones: "Baby's energy is surging, thanks to white fat depositing beneath his skin. And since he's growing so fast (weight will triple by birth), things are getting kind of cramped in the womb. What all this means for you: Get ready for some more kicks and jabs to the ribs." (from thebump.com)

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