Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How far along: 28 weeks (yesterday).

Total Weight Gain: I'll add this later (if I can remember to weigh one morning this week).

How big is baby: 13.5-14.8 inches; 1.5-2.2 lbs; about the size of an eggplant (about the same as last week).

Maternity Clothes: In the last week I've gotten too big for 2 pair of my normal pants I had been wearing. I'm pretty confident that within the next week I'll also get too big to wear the last two pair of regular pants I've been wearing as well. 

Stretch Marks: I think I saw the makings of a small one on the top of my belly the other night, but I've yet to see it again since then?

Sleep: Sleep...I miss the deep sleep I used to get. "Get used to it!" I know, it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

Best moment this week: I have my 28-week check-up this Friday.

Movement: Jackson kicked me so hard Monday night that I thought I would pee my pants. It didn't hurt, it was just so hard it shocked me and then I couldn't stop laughing about it.

Food Cravings: I haven't been craving anything special the last week or so.

Labor Signs: Not that I know of.

Belly button in or out: It continues to be less deep than it was although it's still an innie.

What I miss: RUNNING.

What am I looking forward to: I'm so excited about our first baby shower coming up next weekend!

Milestones: "Baby's lungs are mature enough that, if born right now, he has a pretty good chance of surviving (with help from medical technology). His skin is still pretty wrinkly (one byproduct of living in amniotic fluid) but will smoothen as fat continues to deposit." (from thebump.com)

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