Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 21
How far along: 21 weeks today.

Total Weight Gain: I'll try to remember to weight in the morning. I'm pretty sure I should go over my start weight this week, at least I feel like I should from everything I've been eating!
How big is baby: 14 ounces is what he weighed @ the Dr. on Friday :); about the size of of a banana.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but I have started looking into some maternity clothes for church as I'm starting to get a little too big for them.

Stretch Marks: Nada.

Sleep: Not too bad other than waking easily during the night. I almost always feel well rested when I get up & get moving in the mornings now!

Best moment this week: Best moment this week was getting to see Jackson on the monitor and having the doctor find/see that everything looks just like it should!  

Movement: I'm thinking yes, but I'll play it safe and just stick with my maybe till I can tell FOR SURE that I feel him moving around inside me!

Food Cravings: No new cravings other than pickles and fruit! I have started wanting ice cream more than usual, but only when I hear other people talk about eating/wanting it.

Labor Signs: None.

Belly button in or out: Still in!

What I miss: I can't think of anything that I miss, but I can say that I am son going to miss being able to put my socks on with such ease. It's started to get tricky already with my belly sticking out.

What am I looking forward to: I look forward to feeling Jackson moving inside of me and knowing for sure that it was him moving and not some other body function.

Weekly Wisdom: Seize the moment...great wisdom huh? :P

Milestones: "Baby's digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion, and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. And, if baby is a girl, her womb is now stocked up with her lifetime supply of six million eggs (the number will drop to around one million by birth)." (from thebump.com)

Taken at work this morning because I was lazy & didn't take it last night!
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