Monday, November 15, 2010

We're at 11 weeks this week. I found this cute little survey on a blog I follow and thought it would be interesting to share it with my blog readers as well. Enjoy!

How far along?: 11 weeks and 6 days, almost to my 12th week!
Total weight gain: Right now I’m at a negative 4.4 lbs.
How big is baby?: 1.6in and about 0.25oz, about the size of a lime.
Maternity clothes?: Today I’m wearing my first piece of maternity clothing, a long sleeve t-shirt and it is oh so comfy!
Stretch marks?: Not yet!
Sleep: I feel tired most of the time so I go to bed earlier but I usually don’t sleep that great. I’m still tossing & turning quiet a bit; my husband says it's "like a fish out of water flopping around."
Best moment this week: Seeing my belly start to grow the tiniest bit!
Movement: Not yet.
Food cravings: Salad and fruit! I feel as if I could eat my weight in fruit and something about a salad seems so good to me these days!
Gender: Happy and healthy is all I care about, although a girl would be nice!
Labor Signs: None!
Belly Button in or out?: Still a nice innie!
What I miss: Not having to worry about taking a pill everyday! I'm horrible at remembering to take my vitamin, although I've only missed taking it 2 days, that I can remember.
What I am looking forward to:
Getting the next dr. appointment over with (it’s a family history appointment) and the next appointment (new OB visit) so we can see the baby again!

Weekly Wisdom: "Constant eating really does keep the nausea at bay." Very true!
Milestones: Our baby's body length will double in the next three weeks; arm joints are not working  and leg joints will be working soon; baby now has fingers and toes, no more tail, and really looks like a person!

I didn't take a picture for week 11...but there was really nothing showing at that point! I'll also have to add the below information when I get home this evening:

Fun(?) Facts: 
I'll update most of these often, but some (like clothing size and what not I'll only update with a change):
- Hips:
- Waist at belly button:
- Breasts: - Bra Size: 36B
- Pant size: 10
- Shirt size: M/L
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