Monday, August 16, 2010

I have exciting house updates! Exciting to me anyway...

This weekend we went from this:

To this:
Hello new kitchen cabinets! What a MAJOR change! You can see the kitchen as it was when we purchased our house in May of 2009. We made some layout changes to the kitchen (as well as the back of the house adding a .5 bath & mud room where the old porch used to be) allowing us to have 2 walls of cabinets instead of the one that the previous owners had. I'm sorry the picture is so bad, but we didn't finish till around 10 p.m. and I just HAD to have a picture to share with everyone. I'm in love (::swoon::)!!!

In other breaking news, we also finished our laundry room (except for molding) this weekend. Here's what we start with:

And here she is finished:
We had to replace the sheet rock in this room but we painted it back in a nice shade of yellow and added a door so we can close it off when we have company.

We have also finished our .5 bath (with the exception of molding) but I have yet to take any picture of it. Strange, I know! Hopefully I'll get some pictures of it added soon!

Thanks for dropping by.
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